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When we think of equal access, most of us probably think of wheelchair ramps or handicap parking. Equal access for the hard of hearing is something which generally does not get much thought. Hearing loops have the ability to enable better hearing for the hard of hearing with nothing more than the hearing aids already being used.

What is a hearing loop?


A Hearing Loop is a type of assistive system that can be installed anywhere where there is a source of audio. This audio can then be picked up directly by ANY T-coil enabled hearing aid. No background noise, no echoes, just clear sound.

Where are hearing loops most helpful?


Users find them to be the most helpful in large open areas where someone is speaking into a microphone such as a church, synagogues, temples and other places of worship. These venues typically involve one or more people speaking into a microphone, which is projected through a loudspeaker in a poor acoustical environment. 

FM vs Loop

FM systems require the users to take a set of cumbersome head phones, remove their hearing aids, and return it afterwards -- not to mention identify themselves as hearing impaired.  

To benefit from a loop system, the user simply needs to flip his/her t-coil on in the hearing aid and enjoy the service, mass, play, etc.

A Word From the Owner...



Loop NJ is unable to accept any new clients which includes providing any quotes or installing any new loop systems. If you have a system previously installed by Loop NJ, and you need assistance, please contact us.